„Karil and Tanya ”JSC

Bulgarian-Italian company for production and trade of ice cream

About us

Karil and Tanya AD is a Bulgarian-Italian company, established with entirely private capital and subject of activity - production and trade of ice cream and dairy products.

Karil ice creams are present on the market from 1996 r. The production started in a small workshop with a built-up area 360 sq.m.
In the beginning, the production is offered only in Yambol, but thanks to the fast pace of development of the company very soon it occupies a serious place on the Bulgarian market. The increase in production and the increased demand for Karil products impose the need to build a new one, modern factory. Construction begins at the end of 1998 g., as the ambition is to create a company with a European look.

Today Karil and Tanya AD is a modern one, high-tech dairy processing plant. Located in the southeastern part of the town of Yambol on an area of 33 decares and has a modern production base, deployed on an area of 14 000 sq.m.

The introduction of new technologies in production, in combination with the qualified team of specialists and the implementation of uncompromising control at all levels, guarantees the undeniable quality and wide range of manufactured products. All this, as well as the well-organized distribution network make Karil and Tanya AD a preferred business partner.

The products, produced by Karil and Tanya AD are of high quality and controlled origin. This is guaranteed by a modernly equipped laboratory according to European standards, which controls food safety under the HACCP system.

The main part of the activity of Karil and Tanya AD is the production of ice cream. For this purpose the company has new modern high-tech equipment, equipped with automated systems for management and control of the production process.

All Karil ice creams are made from quality raw materials, natural fruit supplements, nuts, cocoa, chocolate, etc.. Their range is extremely rich and includes over 60 of the kind, having a unique taste, attractive packaging and quality without competition. This, together with the affordable price and excellent coverage of the commercial network, are just some of the benefits, which make Caryl ice creams a preferred brand for customers across the country. The diverse range of ice creams on a stick, funnels, children's ice cream, sandwich type, dietary, ice cream for two, for friends,For Home, ice cream cake, classic Italian panettone taste, also brulee can satisfy even the most capricious taste.

They are a real proof of warm feelings towards our customers.

At the end of 2005. Karil and Tanya AD puts into operation a new production of dairy products. The scheme for its development has already been repeatedly tested and tested - modern technologies, professional team and quality control at every point of the production process. As a result, Caryl's milk delicacy is rapidly gaining ground on the market and is becoming a consumer product.. The offered cuts of Karil delicacy are disposable plastic packaging – 9Kg, 5Kg, 4Kg, 2Kg, 800g and 400g. The successful development of the company and the great interest in the dairy delicacy leads to the construction of a separate enterprise for the production of dairy products, which has been operating since August 2008.. There are two production workshops - one for Karil delicacy, and the second is designed for the production of hard cheeses and steamed mozzarella cheese. The capacity of the new plant is 70 tons per day.

For its long-term activity Karil and Tanya AD has built a serious and well-organized distribution network throughout the country.. The company has its own refrigerated transport. Karil and Tanya AD is one of the Bulgarian enterprises approved by the Russian veterinary authorities for import of dairy products on the Russian market and an approved enterprise for trade with Ukraine.. He is currently trading
with Romania, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland and others.


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